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Our goal is to support you in leading your children to know and love Jesus


Newborn–23 months

Loving nursery caregivers provide a clean, safe environment with an advanced security system. Parents can have peace of mind while they attend one of our Adult Bible Classes or any worship service.


2–5 Year Olds

Preschoolers will enjoy fun Bible songs, amazing Bible stories, exciting crafts to bring home, and simple verses to learn from the Bible. Excited, dedicated teachers share important truths from the Bible such as obedience, sharing, being kind, and best of all, who Jesus is! All of our teachers and assistants are interviewed, screened, and trained to make this a safe and exciting environment for your child so you can enjoy one of our Adult Bible Classes and church services.


Grades 1-6

Sunday School (9:30am)

Children's Sunday School is filled with excitement from the time a child arrives to the time he leaves the classroom. Each class is divided by grade and gender, and is specifically tailored for your child's understanding. Each classroom offers a well-organized learning time centered around God's Word, brought by dedicated, loving teachers. Activities, games, and introductions to missionaries, missions giving, and special ministries will help your children learn to love and follow God early in life.

Children's Church (10:30am)

Children's Church is a dynamic environment with visualized Bible lessons, skits, music, games, and prizes. The programs provide a fun, growth atmosphere as well as a meaningful worship experience at your child's level. Loving leaders will make God's Word alive for your children, and they are sure to be excited to return each week. Children in 1-4 grades meet in our fellowship hall for Super Church, while children in 5-6 grades meet in room 224 for The Bridge Preteen Ministry.

Additional Information

Our campus may be difficult to navigate for guests, which could seem overwhelming at first. It's not as complicated as it may appear, and we would like to help you find the appropriate nurseries, classes, and services for every person in your family. Our greeters and ushers are located around campus as well as in the foyer of the main worship center, and they will gladly direct and even escort you to the appropriate places.

We offer exciting, safe venues for your children in each age group. If you prefer to keep your child with you in a service, we ask that you sit toward the back of the auditorium. Our Live-stream Room is available in room 208, located behind the south side of the balcony. In addition, our Mother's Room is located in our Infant A and Infant B nurseries, should your infants require special attention.

Andrew Calabrese
Children's Pastor

(918) 437-4707 x114